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Tim and Juliana are on extended leave. They will be back in their offices from Monday 25 July 2022. Tim will resume seeing his regular clients, their siblings and other members of their immediate families/whanau/a’iga from 1 August 2022.

    If you are brand new to Smithells Careers and want an appointment for career planning for yourself or for one of your teenage or young adult children, please contact Emily Donderwinkel.
    Emily is careers qualified. She is trained and approved to use the Smithells® Career Planning System. Emily and her life partner Mark operate Head Start Careers. Head Start Careers is affiliated with Smithells Careers and works out of the same office.
    Click here to contact Emily.
    If you are one of Tim’s or Juliana’s regular (ongoing) clients - or a sibling or family member – and want an appointment before August 2022),we recommend you contact Emily.
    Click here to contact Emily.
    If you prefer to wait and see Tim in August 2022 or later, click here. We will contact you on or after 25 July 2022.

Company name: TA & JJ Smithells Ltd (trading as Smithells Careers)
Office: 57 Anglesea Street
Hamilton Central