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Welcome to Smithells Careers!


The Smithells Careers and Head Start Careers offices are closed for the summer break and will reopen in mid January 2022.

    If you or your son/daughter have previously had an appointment with Tim or Juliana, and you want a follow-up consultation, click here.
    If you want Tim to see another of your teenage or young adult children, click here.
    If you would like Tim to see a member of your wider family/whanau, click here.

If you are brand new to ‘Smithells’ and the Smithells® Career Planning System, please be aware that Tim is not accepting new referrals, except from his regular ongoing families (see above).

You have other options!

Head Start Careers is closely linked with and shares an office with Smithells Careers. Emily Donderwinkel and Mark Smithells are Head Start Careers.

Emily and Mark are qualified and experienced in career development. Both are trained in the use of the Smithells® Career Planning System. Emily is an Approved Smithells® Professional; Mark’s approval is pending.

    To make an appointment with Emily or Mark for yourself or for one of your teenage or young adult children, click here to contact Emily.

Company name: TA & JJ Smithells Ltd (trading as Smithells Careers)
Office: 57 Anglesea Street
Hamilton Central